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Wolfsburg and Herta satisfied every taste

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Wolfsburg and Hertha (Berlin) satisfied the taste of the pretentious fans of German football, making 3: 3 each other at the last meeting of the 11th round of the Bundesliga. These six hits are even a bit against the background of what happened on the pitch, their number could easily exceed ten. In the first half only, two goals were not recognized by the hosts because of ambushes for which the Video Assistant Referee had to be used. Separately, Mario Gomez missed a 1-0 penalty in favor of Sofia residents. Overall, both teams made a lot of gaps to finish eventually with the Xbox.

The meeting started with a hit for Herta in the 21st second by Vedad Ibisevic. For the experienced Bosnian, this is the fourth case in his career in the German elite, which he writes within the first minute, setting a new record in the history of the Bundesliga.

There was a disregard of Gomez`s ambush for ambush, and it was hard to see if the attacker touched the ball at all.

In the 21st minute, the ex-Bayern football player (Munich) fired a penalty kick, further disappointing because he missed the white point a week ago against Schalke 04.

The 28th minute came, in which Yunus Mally kicked the ball into the body of his teammate Daniel Didaji and stopped in the net. But there was no goal again, because it turned out that Didyvi was behind the last in the defense. The card finally broke in the 41st minute when Diver Origins put the ball on Mali`s head and this time the referee pointed to the center 1: 1. But this was not everything for half time, because a minute before his end, Gomez was still scored, and the beam again threatened the attack. The Berlin guests, however, reminded themselves of Karim Reikk`s second goal in two rounds. Of the last seven goals for the team this was the sixth, realized after a static situation, which showed one of the strength of the old lady. Equality, however, stays briefly, because only seven minutes later, the very good Origi used his belly to get Wolfsburg back one step ahead - 3: 2.

The 3: 3 leveling became reality in the 84th minute when Davey Zelke hit his third goal within a few days after being doubled in Europa League on Thursday.

Today`s draw is seventh in a row for Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga, a new club via contacts with live games record. However, many missed points ranked only 14th in the team. Herta`s situation is also not a flourish - only three victories in the championship.



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