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RB Salzburg wins the group, Marseille pulls a draw in Turkey

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The team of RB Salzburg won their group in Europa League. Marco Rosett`s players defeated Vitoria (Guimaraes) 3-0, making them unattainable at the top against the other three squads. Moonas Dabour, Andreas Ulmer and Korean striker Hwan He did not leave the chances of the Portuguese who remain the last in the group. At the same time, Turkish Konyaspor was seconds away from the French Grand Olympique Marseille. The Slovenian backside, Neitz Skubitz, gave the hosts an advance but at the very end the French equaled. This happened after Congolese Wilfred Mocke, who had the misfortune of hitting his own network.

In the last round, Marseilles accepted the Salzburg Republic, while Konyaspor attended Guimaraes. RB Salzburg 11 points

2. Marseille 7 points

3. Konyporr 5 points

4. Vitoria 4 points

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