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PSG found his master in the frosty East

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Paris Saint-Germain`s team has suffered the first loss since the start of the season in all tournaments. Parisians were surprised at their visit to Strasbourg in the 16th round of League 1 and defeated 1:2. The duel went into great cold in eastern France, which the hosts managed to adapt better. Nuno Da Costa and Stephan Baeken were the winners, while Kylian Mabe was recorded for the PSG.

The guest coach Unai Emery decided to give a break to goalman Essonne Cavani, which did not justify a good decision. The Uruguayan appeared on the pitch in the middle of the second part, but failed to help change the course of the match. The duel missed and Captain Tiago Silva, who was not in the band at all. The lack of the Brazilian also had a serious impact and the representation of the defense in his absence was not at the familiar level.

The score was scored by the home side in the 13th minute. In a centering of Dimitri Lynar`s foul, Nuno Da Costa escaped behind the defense and Alfonso Arezola`s head pierced. Shortly before the break, however, PSG equalized. Adrien Rabioo rushed in the penalty box and centered on Mbappe, who shot the ball into the net. In general, however, the hosts acted very well in defense and rarely allowed guests to reach dangers at the door of Binguru Camara. In the second part, the situation on the pitch did not change much, and Strasbourg played disciplined, stalling its moment of counterattack. He came in the 65th minute when Baoken was dropped to the right in the penalty area and with a diagonal shot gave the lead to his team. In this situation, PSG went on a massive attack in search of change. Only in the final mentioned by 11livegames minutes of the game, however, came cleaner positions in front of the hosts` door. Giovanni Lo Selso and Mbappe could catch up, but missed, and at the last minute of the ten-minute sequel given to injury by Strasbourg goalkeeper Cavani failed to score to bring the point of Parisians. So PSG lost for the first time in League 1 this season. So far, Parisians had 13 wins and two equal matches. However, defeat does not endanger the leadership position of Sofia citizens. Prior to Marseille`s Olympics match with Monzaie tomorrow, Unai Emery`s players have ten points in the lead. PSGs are 41 while Marseille - 31 and less. Strasbourg, for its part, is now 18 points in 14th place.

It is a curious fact that in the beginning of 2016, the Alsace team competed in the third level of French football, and only a year and a half later became the first team to beat Pari Saint-Germain during the season.


1:0 Yes Costa (13)

1:1 Mbappe (42)

2:1 Baoken (65)

STRASBOURG:Mangan, Horses, Seka, Leenar, Alo, Baoken, Marten, Terrier, Yes Costa

PSG:Areola, Bercheche, Kimpembe, Marguinos, Alves, Draxler, Rabio, Pastor, Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappe



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