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Heavy guitars of Bernabeu, a spectacular failure for Real Madrid

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Real Madrid Real Madrid dropped shockingly from the King`s Cup after a home defeat of 1:2 in Leganes in a 1/4-finals match. Los Blancos had won 1:0 a week ago, but tonight they did not show enough football motives to eliminate their rival and were fairly eliminated. For the first time in his 115-year history, Real lost to La Copa after winning the first game as a guest. The hosts visibly underestimated the game predicted by contacts with live games and paid a high price. Javier Erazo opened in the 32nd minute, Karim Benzema equalized (47), and Gabriel`s 55th victory secured a historic breakthrough for the modest Madrid suburban team.

Captain Sergio Ramos returned after an injury, and Zinedine Zidane bet on a number of reserve footballers. Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and the semi-defense trio received a break. Karim Benzema led the attack, supported by Lucas Vasquez and Marco Asencio. Guests from Butarque were ranked 4-2-3-1 with central striker Claudio Bovie.

The `White` once again played a lean and distracted first half. `Los Pepineros` played with self-confidence and implied that a surprise could be found. In the fifth minute, Bauwu hit Kikio Cassia`s right beam after a free kick. In the 15th, Darko Brahansac attempted a shot, which proved to be harmless to the goalkeeper. The hosts did not even sneak in to the guest`s goal-keeper, and their shares were unseen and unfinished.

Lega took advantage of this and several times showed sharpness in the front. In the 32nd minute, the guests reached the score. Ashraf Hakimmi and Nacho Fernandez did not understand and gave the ball to Javier Erasso. Former Athletic Bilbao`s player saw the goalkeeper go ahead and 20 meters direct the ball to the right upper corner - 0:1. In the 38th, Benzema failed to hit the ball with a sharp center on the right. The 45th Bauve shoots very attractive with side scissors, then the ball flew very dangerously over the beam. The second half started with a goal in the guests` door after the first straight shot of Los Blancos. Real organized a good action on the right, Benzema very craftily escaped from the defense and requested the ball in the penalty area. The Frenchman received it from a small angle, hoping for a 1:1 goal. That`s not what Leganes did. In the 52nd, Gabriel had a good position but after a strong centering kicked the ball into the ground and only created a bustle. In the 55th, Gabriel was rewarded with a superb goal. After cornering from corner, he turned Theo Hernandez and left Casia no chance - 1:2.

After the Los Merenges attack, they put their opponent in almost the penalty area. However, the hosts` shares did not end with dangerous hits. In the 71st, Butarque team formed a great counter:Eraso received a ball in the penalty box from Boavu, but Theo Hernandez stood in the way and blocked a shot. In the 81st, the hosts created a great chance. Benzema very cleverly drew the penalty and got a shot there. The French forward strikes powerfully, but Champagne goalkeeper Sharon showed a magnificent reflex. Less than a minute later Mayoral headed dangerously with his head - the ball went to the side. The 85th Sergio Ramos Stream?

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