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Real Madrid found a replacement for Zidane

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Real Madrid`s management has found a suitable substitute for coach Zinedine Zidane in the face of Tottenham manager Mauriceio Pocetino, the Daily Mail said. According to the publication, representatives of the `white ballet` have already contacted the Argentine who has shown interest in working in Spain.

There is a contract with the Spurs until 2021, which does not include an early release clause. If he wants to take Real, then he will have to convince the owner Daniel Levy to let him go. At the same time, however, Tottenham does not want to split with Pointetino as it retains key figures such as Harry Kane, Dele Ali and Hugo Loris, with the prospective manager remaining in the club for a long time. Real Madrid`s bad results according football live games over the season have increased the speculation of parting with Zidane.

The words of Pocetino that he prefers to return to his farm in Argentina rather than one day Barcelona, certainly warm the hearts of fans of Real Madrid.

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