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Italy has appointed the breeder . . . for now

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Italy`s former mentor, Luigi Di Biagio, takes over the men`s team of `Azzurri`. The decision of the Italian Football Federation is temporary - Gigi will lead the `Squadra` in the upcoming control meetings with Argentina and England.

The former midfielder of Roma and Inter is replacing Zhang Piero Ventura, who was fired after the fall in the autumn, when four-time world champions lost the World Cup 2018 from Sweden. Italy will miss the World Cup for the first time since 1958.

Di Biagio has accepted to lead the team to a meeting with the interim president of the federation Roberto Fabrizini and his deputy Alessandro Costaktura, with whom they are teammates from the World Cup `The Romani will make his debut at Scuadra Adzura at the Los Gucci on March 23 at Etihad Stadium in Manchester. March 27 is the Wembley match by contacts with live games against England.

Blog for football live games