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Monaco marks with ease and without Falcoo, a 16-year-old entered history

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The 25th round in League 1 has confirmed the excellent form of Monaco. Leonardo Jardim`s team defeated 4-0 as guest Angie and at least temporarily displaced Olympic Marseille from second place. Stevan Yovetic made a strong game, replacing the injured Radamel Falco in the best way. The Montenegrin scored two of the goals, and Andrea Raji also scored. Ludwig Botel has set his own goal. In the 10th minute Adama Kulibali center and Angie Botel`s goal keeper sent the ball behind the goal. In the 30th Jovitech masterfully knocked the ball over the hosts` guard and greatly facilitated the task of Monaco. He was scored once again in the 66th minute after a pass by Toma Lemmar, and in the 71st Yuri Tilemans found Raji on the far beam and the Italian formed the final according football live games result.





Blog for football live games