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Ciro Ferrara:Napoli is more motivated than Juve

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Former Defender of Juventus and Napoli Chiro Ferrara gave an interesting interview to Radio Uno, commenting on the battle between the binoculars and the adzurs for the Serie A titles.

As it is known, the Partenopetes are leaders in the rankings in Calcio, leading one point aheadthe second Juventus:

The championship this year has shattered the trend it has had in past campaigns. This time the battle is extremely interesting. Juventus is more prone to keep pace, but Napoli is more motivated. Undoubtedly, the Neapolitans play better football, while Juve has a wider team available. Setting up players will be extremely important. I`ve played for both teams. I know very well what motivation is in a club analyzed by livescore soccer like Napoli. It can get the players to play over their limits, the former defender said.

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